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Sonken GXL Series 4 Max Karaoke Portable System

This is the "Limited Edition GXL Series 4" Max Karaoke Portable System.

How Limited? Well we could only get 5x GXL Series 4 Systems with hopefully more coming next year, yes in 2022.

We will be getting more of the Series 3 model in Mid-November 2021 but they don't have the 3 unique features detailed below.

Customers have requested this model based primarily for the MPX Vocal on/off feature which is available on our Professional Karaoke MP4 Karaoke tracks.

This gives you the ability to learn the song then go it alone solo or should I say "Karaoke" Style.

It's also great to have the cover vocalist singer option when someone is not confident to sing alone.

Equally the ability to output the video picture via HDMI to a 2nd larger screen is also a bonus with the GXL Series, especially if your entertaining a larger audience.

And of course everything the Series 3 model featured including a 15" LCD Touch Screen and WIFI connectivity complete with 2 UHF Wireless Microphones and internal 50 Watts (RMS) Amplifier and Speaker which sounds amazing.

The GXL Series 4 has 3 unique features over and above the Series 3 model.

HDMI Video Output (Bonus 3 Meter Cable Included) so you can output the display from GXL to your TV.

MPX (Vocal on / off) feature, use this feature when playing MPX Compatible Karaoke MP4 Songs (From USB) to switch on / off the cover singer vocalist.

Over 60,000 Songs available to purchase with this unique MPX (Multiplex Audio) feature, and we even include a 5 song download voucher with this purchase so you can get some free songs on us.

Vocal Record this model also enables you to record your voice from the Wireless Microphones to USB Memory Stick, perfect for recording speeches.

All models also have an internal rechargeable battery so this is a truly portable unit or use it on the mains power. It has a pull and carry handle and wheels making it easy to move around.

With the Series 3/4 Models Max Karaoke we have two new feature upgrades from the Series 2 model now you can connect your Max Karaoke directly to your WIFI connection and steam video content directly through the system from services like YouTube, Netflix, Stan or Foxtel and sing-long..

You also get two UHF Professional Wireless Microphones for either singing or talking and you can record vocals to USB memory stick when talking.

Stream music from your mobile phone or tablet devices via Bluetooth or play MP3 audio files from USB or Micro SD Card.

Max Karaoke Series 4 features:

  • MAX Karaoke Powered Speaker System - 50 Watts RMS.
  • 15" LCD Touch Screen. (720P HD Video)
  • WIFI Connectivity.
  • HDMI Video Output (Bonus 3m HDMI Cable Included).
  • MPX (Vocal On/Off) Karaoke MP4 Compatible.
  • Vocal Record from Microphones (Records to a USB Memory Stick)
  • Microphone Volume and Echo Control and Music Level Control.
  • 2 UHF Wireless Microphones (Grey).
  • USB Memory Stick Port and Micro SD Card for MP4 File Playback.
  • Remote Control
  • Mains Power Adaptor with internal Rechargeable Battery.
  • Audio In enables you to input the audio from another device to play through the system.
  • Audio Out enables you to output the audio to a larger sound system.
  • Retractable Trolley Pull-along Handle and Wheels.
  • Internal Mount for Optional Mini Tripod Stand, to get the unit of the ground.
  • Dimensions 38cm (W) x 32cm (D) x 62cm (H) or with Handel Up 87cm (H) at 9kg.
  • Designed by Sonken in Sydney Australia.
  • 12 Months Australian Warranty.

For delivery in within Australia Only.

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