90's Collection - 100 Vocal On/Off Songs (MP4 - HD - ABRAXA)

90's Collection 100 Song Collection from Abraxa Karaoke in HD-MP4 quality for your Max Karaoke Portable System or any MP4 compatible player.

Love the 90's? Then this collection will bring back the musical memories flooding back.

Instant delivery of a single karaoke download ZIP file, simply unzip to see all songs and transfer to your USB memory stick to playback (each song features backing music, on-screen lyrics and on/off cover vocals).

Use the Multiplex (MPX) Vocal Button (on the Max Karaoke) to switch on or off the cover vocalist.

Click Here to view the full song list of this karaoke pack.

You can also download individual Karaoke Songs from www.picknmix.com.au/mp4

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Song pack supplied under license by Karaoke Home Entertainment - 1300 550 630

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