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Song Book Creator

Upgrade your Sonken MP600 Karaoke Player so you can instantly create a song book for every MP3+G song you have loaded on your USB memory stick.

Your upgrade includes:

1. System file so you can upgrade your MP600's firmware.

2. Step by step upgrade instructions.

3. Step by step instructions on how to use and how to create your songs books with a push of the A-B button on the remote control.

4. Bonus Tip: On how best to format your MP3+G songs.

Once your MP600 Karaoke Machine has been upgraded you will be able to create yourself a song book in minutes.

You will require a compatible spreadsheet software program for your computer in order to open and view the created songlist.csv file, like Microsoft Excel.

Sort your catalogue by artist or title.

Instant download and your upgrade takes less than one minute.

No more typing out song books, just key the unique number for the song you want to play.

PLEASE NOTE: This upgrade is not required for models purchased after July 2017 as it is already included and pre-installed. /

1 PDF and 1 BIN
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